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National Parks Free Entrance Days

Mark your calendars!
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The national parks free entrance days are at different times of the year but you can start planning now for the remaining days of 2011!

These days are set aside as free access days to any national park. This is a great thing to take advantage of when, for example, you visit Yellowstone where the entrance fee is $25 per car! The rest of the days for this year are as follows:

April 16-24 – National Park Week

June 21 – First day of summer

September 24 – Public Lands Day

November 11-13 – Veterans Day weekend

(Source for information was the National Park Service website, visit there for more info!)

In addition to free entrance to the national parks, many state parks and areas participate on these days with free entry also. Last year, my family hiked up to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon on the first day of summer. We didn’t know that was a free entry day and it was a nice surprise when we arrived to find there was no fee for parking.

This year, I think we may try a little boating up at Payson Lakes for the summer date. I’m not too sure what we’re doing for the week of April, but hopefully we’ll come up with some ideas soon!

For ideas of parks in Utah, check out the Utah State Parks website! (I don’t know for sure which parks will be participating, but if you want to browse around and then call any that might interest you, they will know by now if they are doing free entry dates.)