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My favorite Easter Treat!

What Easter treat do you look forward to every year?
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Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I look forward to the spring weather (okay, that is hit or miss in Texas, I admit!), the blooming flowers (the bluebonnets are here!) and the religious celebrations. I also enjoy gathering the goodies for my children’s Easter basket. Picking out a special chocolate bunny for each of them is an annual ritual, since I try not to fill their baskets with just candy (For more ideas on goodies other than candy that won’t bankrupt you, see my post  Easter Basket Ideas For Less  ). Parents do not get an Easter Basket in my household, but there is one special treat that I look forward to every year.

Now, I might be letting my rabbit out of the box, but I had to share my very favorite Easter treat secret! In a small town in Louisiana called Pontchatoula there is a candy company that makes the best Easter candy, Elmer’s Candy Corporation. My personal favorite is the Gold Brick Egg–a yummy concoction of chocolate and pecans that doesn’t taste like any other candy out there. This also comes in small bunny shapes and dark chocolate Gold Brick Eggs too! There is also the marshmallow-y goodness of the Heavenly Hash Egg, which features a marshmallow center with almonds all covered with a layer of chocolate. If you don’t like chocolate, they also have a pecan egg. Any of these would make wonderful additions to the Easter Basket!

I have found these candies at area Krogers in Dallas in the month before Easter, but the website says they might be available at Albertsons or Walgreens too. Try them if you love chocolate! Do you have a special candy or treat that you look forward to every year? Please share!

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