Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Me

I have a hard time buying things for myself.
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In the rush of motherhood, I pass by things all of the time I would like, but decide I don’t necessarily need.

But Mothers Day wish lists can be vital if you don’t want to end up with a blow up foot bath or fruit dehydrator (if you’ve seen that episode of The Middle you know what I’m talking about.) To make things easier on myself and my family, I am being assertive. Here are some Mothers Day gift ideas I don’t need (but really want) for Mothers Day:

Little Miss Austen: Have you seen these adorable board books? They are Jane Austen inspired counting books created by a Utah author Jennifer Adams.  I love them and want them. I will use them to teach my five year old the basics of Pride and Prejudice: “1 English Village,” “2 Rich Gentlemen,” “3 Houses,” “4 Marriage Proposals . . . ” When we are done reading them, they can sit on my shelf next to my Colin Firth DVD set.

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The Repurposed Library: 33 Crafts that Give Old Books New Life: I saw this book  by Lisa Occhipinti for sale at the City Library Bookstore and (almost) bought it on the spot. It details the most beautiful, brilliant DIY crafts with used books. I decided to let my husband have the joy of buying it for me as a Mothers Day gift because he never knows what book to get me. This (alongside #1 on this list) is a winner.

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Downton Abbey on DVD: I watched both seasons of this series in a matter of days neglecting all other important responsibilities. I want to own them and know that they are there for me, sitting next to my AMC Pride and Prejudice set.

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Rapid Lash: Awhile back, I debated on whether or not to Latisse my lashes. I found Rapid Lash to be a less expensive alternative that required no doctor’s note and really worked. The only trick is you have to keep using it–and unfortunately my bottle is dry.

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Umbra Book Shelf: I saw this at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts book store about 3 years ago and have regretted over and over not buying it that very day. I don’t have room for a nightstand on my side of the bed and think this shelf is the coolest solution ever.

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But truly, just make me something: My dad used to always say “make me something” in response to what he wanted as a gift and it drove me crazy. But now I get it. Nothing for sale at  City Creek  or pictured in this blog post can beat a macaroni necklace or plaster of Paris hand print. I also like roses made out of rolled tissues and bookmarks braided from balls of yarn.

Someone out there might not believe that I’m serious.  You really want plaster of Paris or rolled up tissues when you could have long lashes and Downton Abbey? If my daughters  made it themselves, yes I do.  I figure that everything else will still be for sale when they’re away at college. The “homemade gift road” is one I only get to travel for a little while longer.  While I am in love with my wish list this year, it’s also a lot of fun to receive the homemade gifts my kids hide under their beds until Sunday morning.  I like the thought of gathering up as many of those treasures as I can.


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Apology:  Because I’m an English teacher I just have to say this– I consistently don’t use the apostrophe in “Mother’s Day” in this post because it confuses the search engine. I can’t believe I am choosing to please the computer over using correct punctuation, but there you have it.


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