Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week Picnic Basket

Mother’s Day is next Sunday and Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 – 10
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If you are looking for a fun way to surpise the moms in your life or your child’s teacher how about packing them a pretty picnic lunch basket?

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I love reusable gifts and using a fun basket like this one from Cost Plus World Market is the perfect size for a multitude of purposes.  If you find a basket in a pretty color, theme its contents to the same; I already have purple plates and napkins.  Cost Plus World Market carries individual soda bottles in a myriad of colors and flavors like the grape soda and of course I had to tie on a paper straw.

Add a sandwich (I scooped one up from Trader Joe’s) or salad and your choice of sweets and you have just created a little smile for the middle of a busy work day.

I finished off my basket with pretty tissue paper from Hobby Lobby and a pre-printed tag from Packaging Specialties.  They have a great selection plus blank tags to create your own.

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My favorite part of this basket is the french fry box.  Those aren’t real french fries but pretty darn close with Snikiddy’s Baked Fries that I also found at Cost Plus. Use their locator for other retailers.  The box and gusseted bag are from Garnish…and I’m currently obsessed with using this combo any way I can.  And the baked fries? Super tasty and wheat and gluten free to boot.

If you have lovely flowers growing in your yard, add a few blooms for that extra special touch.