mosiac votives and ornaments

mosiac votives and ornaments
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Whether you choose to decoupage ornaments or glass votive holders, these delicate little gifts are easy for even preschoolers to make and will really shine with an older artist who doesn’t mind spending some time on them.


clear glass or plastic ornament


clear votive candle holder. You can also use small canning jars as we did. (We loved how the rounded 1/2 pint jars looked.)

tissue paper

mod podge ( I recommend using this in the gloss finish) thinned white glue will also work in a pinch.


paint brush

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1.Plan what you want your finished product to look like. Think about making a pattern or a scene and don’t hesitate to mention some of the pros and cons of doing each. For example, a checkerboard of squares is going to be pretty quick and easy. While drawing and cutting out all of the little pieces to make a decorated Christmas tree scene is going to be time consuming. It will look beautiful, but may be frustrating to finish. As is so often the case, a simpler design often works out better. However if you know your child has the fortitude to stick with it, a lacy snowflake design would look amazing.

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2.Now lightly sketch your design onto the tissue paper if needed. Cut out the pieces. Keep in mind that you want a somewhat tiled look. Overlapping pieces of different colors and using a few different shades of a color will make the candle or ornament look more interesting.

3.Once you have cut out several small pieces of paper, brush a thin coat of mod podge onto a small area. It dries fairly quickly, so it is best to just coat an inch or two, cover, then move to the next section. Arrange the tissue on the medium over the glass, pushing into place if necessary. It is alright if it gets a few wrinkles and uneven spots. This will give the design more character. Slick a little more mod podge over the tissue paper to adhere it to the glass.

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4.Work your way around the entire exterior, covering all of the glass. If there are areas where there is a ridge or bead of mod podge, smooth out with the brush so that everything is even and flat along the glass. After this is done, give it 1o minutes or so to dry then add another coat of mod podge over the entire surface to seal it.

Once it is completely dry, place a candle in your new holder or hang the ornament on the tree. If you are giving it as a gift, pack it up in the extra colored tissue paper and you have a whimsical and creative gift.

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