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Montgomery County Mommas – The Spring Catalogue is Out!

Montgomery County Mommas – The Spring Catalogue is Out!

To say that I am a fan of the Montgomery County Recreation and Park Programs Guide would be doing a disservice to the expression on my face when it comes in the mail. Yes, I order it.  Yes, you can get it for free at local libraries and rec centers.  It’s also on this thing we call the World Wide Web.  But I plan a big chunk of our lives around this catalogue, and I love to see it in my mailbox.  I pour myself a cup of coffee, grab a highlighter, sit down in my cozy chair and mark all the classes and events I want to drag my family to.

If you have kids you need this catalogue.  The variety of things to do in Montgomery County is unbelievable.  It offers arts and crafts classes, fitness and sports classes, swimming lessons, ballet, music classes.  And that’s just the stuff we’ve done.

You want my advice?  If you have kids ages 1-3, start with Discovering Music for Toddlers.  You can’t go wrong. We’ve taken the class twice now, and it’s one of the best classes offered.  As a former teacher, I like to see “fun with purpose and structure” (especially when I’m paying for it).  The teacher who leads this class conducts the 45 minutes beautifully.  Your kids will sing, jump, dance, play instruments, and your mouth will ache from smiling so much.

Here’s a picture of my girls getting ready to sing a song about a firetruck.  It’s about to get loud and crazy in that room, folks.

And here’s a shot of my oldest daughter helping the teacher lead the song the class was singing.

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Even if you don’t want to commit to taking a class, there are great “day trips” that you can take the kids to.  My favorite one last year was going to the St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt at Brookside Gardens.  For $3/kid you get to search for leprachauns and four leaf clovers, run along the gardens’ gorgeous trails, dance some Irish jigs, do some crafts, and have a snack.  The day we went last year, the weather was gorgeous and it was the perfect thing to do on a spring day.

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Whether or not you were a fan of the show Felicity, there is a great line in one of the episodes about looking through the university’s course catalogue when one gets overwhelmed with the college experience.  Ruby, a Freshman, comes to Felicity (who just chopped off all her hair after breaking up with Ben) and tells her she’s going to drop out of college because she can’t find the exact class she wants to take.  Felicity tells her to check out the course catalogue because, “…sometimes when you know exactly what you want, like you do, you can pass up some good stuff.”

The great thing about the Spring Guide is that if offers a chance for your kids (and you) to play, explore, and learn something new.  You’ll pass up some really good stuff if you don’t check it out.