Mom will LOVE this last minute, homemade gift and the kids will have fun too!

I have procrastinated big time in getting a Mother’s Day gift for my Mom this year.
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She really enjoys gifts that my children help make so I’ve been searching the internet and found a neat idea for a handprint apron. I’m thrilled that this is a keepsake my Mom will treasure (need to remember NOT to send her the link to this post until after Mother’s Day) and a project that my kids will enjoy doing!

All I need is a plain, light colored apron; some fabric paint and a fabric marker. Hobby Lobby has a nice selection of plain, adult aprons to choose from; prices range from $4.99 to $10.00. Talk about one-stop shopping. I can get fabric paint from there too! I think I saw paint in the clearance section the other day so, maybe I’ll end up with a great bargain–yay! I already have fabric markers so I’m good to go there.

The instructions for the apron (there’s a video too) are to pour a little paint into a paper plate (use one plate for each color) and then have your child dip his or her hand into the paint to coat the entire palm, including the sides. Help your child press his or her hand firmly onto the apron and then repeat as desired until the apron is covered. The next step is to write your child’s name next to his or her handprint, but you can have your child do this too. I might actually have each of my children write their names on the apron first and then have them do their handprints to avoid messing anything up. Once the art is done, let the apron dry over night and that’s it! How simple is that?

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Here’s what the finished product will look like. Pretty cool huh? I just know my mom would LOVE this! Heck, I LOVE this! (Note to self: send hubby the link to this post as future gift idea.)

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