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Make Your Own Halloween Graveyard

My husband thought that I was very odd for taking some of our neighbor’s trash the night before bulk pick up day.
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They had tons of scrap wood and a broken dresser. All I saw was crafting supplies!

Using some of the scrap plywood we made gravestones last year, they turned out really good and we were able to make them for cheap. I even got my husband to get in on the fun, by having him cut the wood for me. This year we did the same thing, but for a sign for the graveyard.


Scrap Plywood


Black Paint

Silver(or white) Paint

Stencils (optional)

Wood Stakes


Lawn Light(can be found in the Christmas stuff right now)

Spooky Fences (optional)

Gravestones and Graveyard Sign

Draw out the shape you want your gravestones to be, and cut them using the jigsaw. You can also use a skill saw if you need some straight lines cut.

Paint your gravestone black. (We actually used a truck bedliner paint leftover from doing our truck bed) Let them dry, and paint the other side also.

Once both sides are dry, you can stencil the words onto your gravestones. We search the internet for some clever ones, and added momentous dates to them.

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For the Graveyard sign, I used our street name to name the graveyard. I love crafting to add personalization.

The last step is to add your stakes. Use two of them on each and screw them in with a two screws to hold them in better.


Find skinny pieces of scrap wood and cut them down to size. You can also cut pieces that are thinner.

Cut the bottom into a sharp point.

Put the pieces into a cross shape and screw them together.

Putting it all together

Put your gravestones in yard, it can take alot of work, you can use a mallat to help get them in.

Try to arrange them so that you can see them all easily as you are walking by the street and up to the front door (for trick or treators).

Add the fences around the edges of the lawn, and put the graveyard sign in front.

Scatter the crosses around the yard and pound those in also. (We will probably be adding more crosses when we finish our other projects and see how much scrap wood is left)

Lastly, put in your lawn light. It should be at the front, and shining on most of the graveyard. Our light is hidden behind the graveyard sign.

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