Love Life Craft Fair In McKinney, TX

Love Life Craft Fair In McKinney, TX
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With Thanksgiving just behind us, it’s now time to make sure we’re ticking off our Christmas to do lists including all of our gift buying!  One thing I love about Christmas is that it seems to invoke a giving spirit.  Giving to each other, giving to help make Christmas special for those who can’t afford Christmas gifts, giving to charities…I love how there’s no bounds to the giving spirit!  Well, how would you like to accomplish all of the above?  You can!  By visiting the Love Life Craft Fair in McKinney, TX!  This craft fair is put on by the Love Life Foundation.  You can visit their website here.

To further expose the plight of abused children in our community by promoting awareness in our neighbors, family, and friends, encouraging their generosity and inspiring them to become involved. To break the cycle of child abuse by promoting and supporting those agencies who provide valuable aid, refuge, and hope to these innocent children. ~ Love Life Foundation’s mission statement

The craft fair will kick off December 4th at 9 AM with Breakfast With Santa!  Santa will also be available for photos with your kiddos!

The craft fair will run on December 4th, 11th, and 18th at 6851 Virginia Parkway Suite 100 in McKinney TX.  Exact details and times below.

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Volunteers will also be wrapping gifts for donations to the charity.

Yours truly will be there selling select items from my Etsy shop including a few new items (look for Believe Love Create)!  So come on out and support some local artists/crafters while making a difference in the lives of children around the world!


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