Leap Into A Leap Year Party!

I like to use any excuse to create a party for our family.
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Leap year is a perfect example of a non-traditional event.  It doesn’t happen every year, so making it fun and unique is just a small part of it.  Having a leap year party is one more family memory that you can make with your child and any happy memories are worth it!

Here are some ideas to have a fun leap year party with your family or friends.

Froggy Jumps- If your child isn’t wheelchair bound, create a jump race from one end of the room to the other.  Whoever wins, gets to go first on the next game.

Songs about Frogs-  A basic search on the internet will come up with a ton of different songs about frogs.  Here are a few of the ones I found:  Frog Song, Five Speckled Frogs (A Nursery Rhyme), Princess and the Frog Music Video, A Frog Named Sam-Ben Rudnick & Friends, Sesame Street:  This Frog, and The Little Green Frog by Pamela Sunshine.

WatchPrincess and the Frog with your child.  Ask them questions about the movie and how frogs behave.  Pop some popcorn with other snacks and make it a movie night for your family.

Play Pin the frog legs- Using a pattern, make pre-cut frog legs and have the kids try to pin them on the frog.  Have a prize for the person who has the wackiest looking frog.

Color apictureof a frog.  There are various styles available and with a variety of crayons, your child can dream up his/her own frog or copy the look of a real frog.

Create yourownfrog costume.  Sometimes looking like a frog helps.  You can design your own frog attire or use one that someone else designed.  Be creative and your child will have fun, too!

Frog Food- Bake cupcakes with frog faces.  Use a frog cookie cutter and cut out a sandwich in the shape of a frog or any other type of food.  Be creative!

These are only a few ideas to have a Leap Year party.  The party is limited in as much as your imagination is limited.  Have fun!