Kid Christmas Lists

Kid Christmas Lists.
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Last year after I was done Christmas shopping for my kids I came across some cute idea’s on Pinterest to keep present buying simpler and while spending a lot less money. I like keeping things simple, especially around the holidays when stress is almost inevitable.

The first one I found, was the “Four Gift Rule

I thought this was awesome. 4 gifts, 4 items. How much more simpler could it be? When I told my husband about it, he thought it was a great idea. I took this one step further and told my mom about it and we decided as the whole family, that this would be our list this year. We established a limit, on how much we would spend, we drew names and then each person in the family wrote their 4 items, then, we (the person who drew their name) could pick one item or all items as long as we spent the limit so it was the same for everyone.

Then after searching on Pinterest some more, which honestly I LOVE, I found the cutest letter to Santa from the kids. I gave my kids the toy catalogs that came in the newspaper and had them look for a few days prior to writing the letter. I kept telling them to look and to think about what they really wanted. After they picked, I printed out the letter, my oldest wrote the amount of money the item cost, and didn’t write the item, which I thought was really cute, and my youngest needed a little help. We got the letter done and I had them address it to Santa and I took it to the Post office and had them mail it. (I put our address on it, so that I could write a letter from Santa to the kids…. more on that later)

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I hope this helps in saving some money this year. Christmas is not only about the gifts and how much money you spend. Its about families. Here’s to trying to keep Christmas a little simpler this year.