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January Fun

The dreaded months of Winter! or are they? I am enjoying winter months a bit more these days.
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I love having my little ones around me doing puzzles, drawing, playing games, practicing basketball (OK that last one not so much, but we have to practice somehow).

The only thing that is maddening about winter is the crazy amounts of energy that my older boys have. So to help with that my husband heads home early on Fridays, picks up the boys  and heads to Alta for their ski free after three.  We have been doing this for a couple years and are addicted!!  Since January is Ski and Snowboard month all the resorts in Utah are offering outstanding deals.  You can read more about it here(just scroll down till you see the January 6th post).

We attempted snowshoeing a couple years ago and had a blast!  I’d like to get the family up again and came across Garden Snowshoeing at Red Butte Garden.  Since we have a membership it is free, snowshoes included! REI is another great resource for renting snowshoes as well as finding a trail.

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Something sweet to make and eat has to be on the list.  My kids found my new book by Bakerella and were so excited to make all of her cake pops.  Sooooo, we will be attempting the snowman cake pops.   Wish me luck!!

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Martin Luther King Day is also Benjamin Franklin’s birthday. To help celebrate his birthday we will be encouraging inventiveness by letting them build things out of our recycling bin, this is one of our favorite activities.  We will also put some new inventions in our science journal, most of these are  guns, tanks, or airplanes for the military:)

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Making snowflakes is a must in January.  I don’t care what age you are there is something magical about making a snowflake.  I found these instructions to be simple.  I wanted to add a  little depth while we cut so we talked about each snowflake being unique and how people are different and unique as well.  We each have characteristics and talents that God gave us and we need to develop and use these talents to help other people.  We also talked about the parable of the talents in the Bible.

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January 25th is Opposite Day!  My kids always get a kick out of saying yes for no and then saying it’s opposite day!  So today read the book  The Opposite and do everything opposite. Have the kids wear their clothes backwards and  serve dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner.

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I have always wanted to have an indoor  picnic and roast marshmallows in our fireplace .  I am feeling like this is the year to do it.

What are you up to this month?  One lucky winner will receive a family membership to Red Butte Garden!!


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May Fun

Hopefully we will see the sun a bit more this month because we have some fun stuff planned!