It’s Almost Polar Bear Dip Time!

I know the holidays are simply flying by!
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And with that we are coming close to another year going by. Last year was the start of a tradition we hope to carry on and on….The Polar Bear Dip on New Year’s day in Cayucos, California!

Last year my youngest daughter and my mom, who was visiting from India at the time, went to the small beach town of Cayucos and took the plunge alongside friends and strangers. The goal was simple, to start the year fresh and full of vigor by plunging into the ocean.

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And we did…over  and over again! There was a huge crowd of onlookers off the pier, but not nearly as big as the number of people dipping in the ocean! My Ma even won a certificate for traveling the farthest to attend!!!!

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Plans are made and yes, we are going again! And this time my husband and oldest daughter are coming too! There are a number of these “dips” happening all over the country! If you are in California on the Central Coast side, be sure to be on the beach in Cayucos, near the pier at 10am! Bring your towel and dress in costume if you like! Either way, we’ll be ringing the new year in with our hearts pumping!

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