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initial door hangers

Give your child a sponge brush and some acrylic craft paint and let them paint away
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After it the plaque has dried, you can do a bit of finish work and give a clever little gift to their friends or yours.




acrylic craft paint

mod podge or thinned white glue

paper decorated by your child, scrapbook paper, or fabric-felt works well

*I like 1×3 inch and 1×6 inch pieces of lumber that are cut into about 4″ and 6″ lengths. If you’d like a free standing sign, you can use a 2×4 or 2×6 inch board and cut it to the desired lengths. If you find someone nice at your home improvement store, they will even cut it for you. You can also pick up unfinished wood plaques at a craft store for around a dollar or so.

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1.Smooth the edges of the board with sandpaper.

2.Have your child paint the board on all sides (one color usually looks best, but feel free to experiment.)

3.After the plaque has dried, sand lightly over the entire surface, and a little more around the edges to distress, if you wish.

4.Let your artist fill a sheet of paper with their own design. Then lightly sketch and cut out a short message or initial for the recipient. It is also only fair to make it known that some artists would rather color the letter already cut so that their design matches the curves. (This is what ultimately worked for my 4 year old who didn’t want her drawing cut up; and was very happy with decorating a letter for me.) You can also skip the drawing altogether and use printed scrapbook paper, felt or another fabric

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5.If you are using paper, use thinned white glue or mod podge to adhere the letters. You may want to add a few finishing touches, such as outlining the letter in paint or marker. One of my girls wanted to add background designs to her board. I cut out a few paper flowers and used buttons to embellish them. If you do this, you may want to use a spray sealer; if the final design is flat, you can just brush a coat of mod podge over the surface.

*If you are using fabric letters, skip this step and simply glue on with craft or hot glue.

  1. Glue a length of ribbon or wire to the back of the board (hot glue works well here) to use as a hook. When using wire, curl the ends into a loose coil to give plenty of surface area for the glue to adhere to. You can also add a little curl on the hook by wrapping the wire around a pencil; then slipping the pencil out.
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8.Add a personal message to the back (I just love that Emily drew a picture of her friend to glue on the back.) You can also add any embellishments your heart desires at this point. A bow perched on the wire would be very cute–go crazy and have fun!

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