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I’m Not Crafty but There is Hope

I’m not crafty.
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I can honestly say that I get craft anxiety. Some sort of DIY paralysis if you will.

I took the opportunity to go to Thanksgiving Point’s Easter wreath making class and I found myself overwhelmed at first . . . and unable to perform.

Like any good party they had balloons and cookies.

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The class was packed with fabulous ladies. Who ultimately had to help me put my wreath together. The poor woman who sat next to me . . . I consulted her before I glued anything on. And then double consulted with the class instructors.

Here is my wreath as I just got started:

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And then I got a little nuts. I saw people filling their wreaths to the brim and I got a little over-empowered. But I embraced some crafty corner of my heart.

I made this button for heavens sake:

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In case you weren’t impressed by that – let me tell you that it was a piece of cardstock, several pieces of newspaper, hot glue and an actual button glued on top with a die cut dragon fly. That takes talent ladies. Lots of talent.

There are some dangers to crafting that I never considered. I’ve never really handled a glue gun extensively in my life. That glue is hot. You shouldn’t press your wee fingers on the hot glue to make things stick . . . because IT BURNS THE WEE FLESH OFF OF YOUR FINGER TIPS! The really experienced crafters seemed to have calloused finger tips and were immune to the glue gun dangers that were dropping me to my knees.

My end result? (and if you look really closely you should be able to see my burnt up fingers)

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I *think* it worked out. I mean, it’s probably a little froofier than I would expect from myself. But they started handing me shred, and tissue paper, and buttons and bows and newspaper bits, and birds, and eggs, and bobbles, and bits . . .and well . . . I got nuts.

Here’s what I’m going to tell you. I didn’t have to go and shop to find the coordinating supplies. I didn’t have to waste my money on the wrong stuff. I didn’t have to go it alone. I may have overcome a very small bit of my crafting impotence.

Bottom line – would I do it again? Definitely. The next class is banner making. You know, like those cute banners that you see on the crafty blogs or at your cool friends parties.

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May 10th from 11-3

May 12th from 6-9


$12 per flag (add the number of flags together to = your total banner)

You can order lunch/dinner for an additional $10


Just call The Emporium at Thanksgiving Point and reserve your spot: 801.768.4950


We’ve got a free class to giveaway. Just leave us a comment about your crafting fails or triumphs and consider yourself entered to WIN!


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