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How to Make Stuffed Pumpkin Baskets

Even though I don’t use all the ones that I make, I love creating these cute little candy holders for Halloween.
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I need to start on my Christmas ones instead, but I just love pumpkins and fall colors. Many of the pumpkins that are plain will stay out until Thanksgiving.


Yogurt Cup, Soup Can, Over-sized TP Roll, or whatever else you can find

Orange Fabric (Square, enough to fold over your cup/can)

Toilet Paper

Twine or Wire (something to make a handle)

Green Ribbon/fabric (optional)

Hot Glue


Lay your fabric out. Set your cup in the middle. Start folding your tp, and lay it around the cup.

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Bring the fabric up to the inside of the cup and hot glue it to the edges.

Next, you can add your handle. I have used lots of different things for handles, this time it was just plain twine. It was actually taken from a tag on a bag someone had given me. I have used plain wire, ribbon, and wire with raffia hot glued on. Anything will work! Hot glue this on as well.

Lastly, tie a little green ribbon to one side of the handle, just to add a bit of green like a leaf. You could also hot glue some black felt on the outside of the pumpkin to make eyes and a mouth for a jack o’ lantern.

Have fun using your imagination and creating! For more pumpkin ideas check out these links!

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