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How to: Halloween Spider Nest

I’ve seen halloween spider nests in catalogs, and they are super cute and creepy for halloween.
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They go under different names, spider nest, spider cocoon, mummy eggs, etc. If you would like to purchase some ready made, you can easily check out some great websites, such as, where they have an amazing halloween haven shop. Of course, since money has been a bit tight, I have opted for the frugal route and just make them myself. You could also make them in the shape of a corpse, for a hanging mummy look, although, I haven’t tried that just yet.

These eggs/nests are super easy to make, and a great halloween craft for kids too! So, here goes, the how to: halloween spider nest….

The halloween spider nest all wrapped up…

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Recipe type: Halloween CraftsAuthor: The RobomomPrep time: 10 minsTotal time: 10 minsA super easy and fun craft for kids using spiderwebs and trash!Ingredients

  • Spiderweb – One bag (you can find these everywhere during halloween)
  • Black trash bag
  • Ripped newspapers or magazines


  1. Rip up newspapers or magazines
  2. Toss them into garbage bag
  3. Tie the garbage bag closed into whatever shape you want for your nest
  4. Wrap the webbing around it over and over again to get the look you want
  5. Done!


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