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How I Found the Fun in Running – The Color Run

I’m not a runner. I have never been a runner and I doubt I’ll ever be a runner
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But many of my friends are. Actually, it seems most everyone runs except me. I’m in good health and work out consistently but running is just hard for me. I do ~~run~~ jog on the treadmill at the gym which we all know is different than outside but I don’t like it. In all honesty, I think I could train to do a 5k and do okay but I wouldn’t enjoy it. I once saw a person wearing a t-shirt that said, “Running Sucks” and I felt like there was at least one soul in the world who understood me.

Then along comes my friend who convinced me to do The Color Run in Indianapolis. I had heard and seen pictures of similar races before so I knew the general idea. At first I got worried about needing to get into running mode so that I wouldn’t look like a fool but the more I learned about it, I just knew it was something I needed to do for the fun of it. This was a new concept for me since I equate running with torture. But The Color Run is an un-timed race dedicated to the principle of happiness, healthiness and individuality. I decided we should do it as a family – me, my husband, my 7 -year old and my twin toddlers (kids under 5 are free). Then I had to convince my husband to do it. He was worried the girls would end up screaming because someone threw stuff all over them. But I had read every little bit of info about the race on their website and knew that I could gear up my whole family to get into the fun. Every kilometer, runners go through a color station and are sprayed with color (basically colored cornstarch) so I told my kids we were going to get colored. They were all on board.

So we ended up at White River State Park last Saturday with 11,000 Color Runners. Crowds are another thing I’m not a fan of but there is something about downtown Indy and big crowds that is all kinds of awesome. The Color Run staff was awesome though and were remarkably organized. They knew how to put on a great race. It was just fun from start to finish. My kids loved it. Even my toddler girls got into it and were spreading color over every inch of their little bodies (they looked like Oompa Loompas). My husband thanked me for convincing him to do it. We weren’t the only ones having fun – all ages, all different types of people were there all having fun. Everyone at the Indianapolis race finished and then partied at celebratory Color Festival with great music and even more color.

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Snow Angels, or um, Blue Angels

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The Color Festival

Photo Credit: Brandon Shirley

Wondering if The Color Run is coming to your city? Check out the city listing here. There are are two more races in Indiana coming up – Fort Wayne and South Bend. And others nearby in Cincinnati, Columbus and Louisville.

Want to try a different run?  Whether you are a competitive runner, looking for an adventure run, a foam run or even a Zombie run (although this does bring up the debate of whether Zombies should be running or slow and dragging one foot) , check out the races coming up in Indiana here. Get out and have some outdoor fun. If I can be convinced that running can be fun, I know there’s a race out there for every one.


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