Holiday Shopping Survival Tips

Holiday Shopping Survival Tips
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If you find yourself in the stores these last couple days and you have to bring your young kids (as I found myself doing) here are ten hot tips to keep you grounded and will help guide you through your shopping trip.

  1. Keep circling till you find close(r) parking.  It’s inevitable, people will leave and you will get a spot. It’s not a matter of being lazy; it’s a matter of survival.
  2. When you enter the store, if you are pushing a stroller, tap the wheel (gently) on the person in front of you’s foot so that they know you are there. This way, they have to hold the door open for you. You will appreciate the assist as those doors are HEAVY. You don’t need to injure yourself going into the store.
  3. Don’t second guess yourself when buying gifts. You don’t have time for that.
  4. If an employee or fellow shopper offers to help you, accept it. I am sure you will do the same for someone down the road.
  5. If your child finds something he/she likes in the store and you don’t plan on buying it, let them have it for the duration of the shopping trip.  When you get to the cashier, have them pretend to swipe it and then hand your child some goldfish crackers as a distraction and have the cashier make it disappear.  If your child is older, this might not work.
  6. Don’t let yourself get distracted by non holiday items.  You have a short amount of time to shop before you have to feed or change your little  one(s) and must utilize your time wisely.  I promise, Target will be there after the holidays. You can get those ankle socks you need later.
  7. Go in with a plan. Not a list; a plan. Map out in your head which aisles or departments you are going to hit first.  And forgive yourself if you forget this plan the minute you walk through those glass doors.
  8. Don’t get frazzled if they are out of a gift that you really wanted to get someone. There is always online shopping and rush shipping.  If the rush shipping is worth not going to a second or third store then pay it and don’t think twice about it.
  9.  Feel free to speedwalk through stores. You are burning extra calories right?
  10. Give yourself a pat on the back after you have loaded the kids into the car. You survived!


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