Hold on to your summer glow

Summer days are fading fast, but that doesn’t mean your tan needs to fade away, too.
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Try NARS Orgasm/Laguna Blush Bronzer Duo and Orgasm Nail Polish Set, available at Sephora.

This bronzer/blush set is ideal for fairer skin types that tend to need a boost in radiance. To get the most natural look, use a foundation brush to blend. Apply the bronzer in a circular motion over the edges of your face. You want to hit the high points on your face where the sun would hit it.

You can lightly apply the blush to apples of your cheeks. Find them by smiling, then sweep the blush over cheeks using a slanted blush brush. Remember to blend the edges after you applied the blush to leave a natural finish.

Lastly, add a splash of color to your nails with the complementary shade of nail polish.

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