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Hobo Railroad

There are so many great things about fall in New England.
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Of course the foliage is simply amazing, but taking a train to see it? Even better!

If you’ve got small kids, I recommend riding the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln, NH. The train runs on a reduced schedule most of the year, but during the peak leaf season, mid-September to mid-October, it runs twice daily. You can catch it at 11am or 1pm. The ride is 80 minutes long, roundtrip, and includes lunch: a sandwich, chips, drink and cookie. Tickets are $14 for age 13+, $10 for 2-12 years old, and free for under age


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Upon arrival at the station you can purchase your tickets and place your lunch order. This is also where the kids get their hobo sticks, water bottles and scarves. My kids thought these were great fun and played with them for months afterward.

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On the train, there are comfortable tables and chairs to sit at while enjoying the ride and eating your lunch. The friendly conductor wanders through on occasion, stopping to chat and posing for photo-ops with the kiddos. There are also announcements made about sites along the track so that you don’t miss anything interesting. Of course, you’ll be glued to the window most of the time so that you don’t miss the gorgeous scenery

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Once we got back to the station we took advantage of the darling fall scene set up in front. Of course we had to have a picture to remember the day!

My kids are older now, so if we did the train again I’d probably choose the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad which would allow us to see not only the foliage, but Lake Winnipesaukee too!


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