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Haunted Village & Little Haunts Giveaway

I am a scaredy-cat…a huge scaredy-cat!
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I remember my parents taking me to the Haunted Forest at Wheeler Farm when I was young and having the crap scared out of me by the chain saw man.  Even to this day I stay away from scary shows and watch anything intense with my hands over my eyes.

If you are not a scaredy-cat and more brave than I.  The Haunted Village is right up your alley.  All I have to say is be prepared.

And for those of you who enjoy the cute part of Halloween, well then take your little ones to Little Haunts.

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Giveaway time… 3 tickets to Little Haunts and 3 tickets to Haunted Village.

Tell me in the comments on a scale of 1 to 10 how big of a scaredy cat you are 🙂 1-5 = Little Haunts, 6-10= Haunted Village.  Giveaway ends Tuesday at midnight.


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January Fun

The dreaded months of Winter! or are they? I am enjoying winter months a bit more these days.