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Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Do you have a holiday birthday?
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Does your school age child have a summer birthday? Just can’t wait a full year for your birthday? Celebrate with a half birthday party! When is your half birthday? Just add six months to your actual birthday.

I recently discovered this phenomenon with Half Birthday Parties, an online company who specializes in half birthday kits. Not only do they have fun products, they have great party tips and ideas for your special half birthday celebration,  like starting the party on the half hour and serving half foods like deviled eggs and half a cake!

Another plethora of great ideas is at Half Birthday, where you can get great half birthday gift ideas and a free half birthday evite.  And since we are on the subject, here are a few very inspiring parties to get your half birthday motor running!

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Check out this fun cherry half birthday party from Stephmodo.

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Perfect for the younger set,  a book about a 6 month’s old celebration, Oscar’s Half Birthday.

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I love this idea from The Celebration Shoppe’s to celebrate with a cupcake and a half, a cupcake and a mini cupcake!

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How about a half cake to celebrate from Salt Lake City.