Halloween Wreath for Kids

Last week, my son helped me dig all our fall and Halloween decorations out of the storage closet.
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In the bins, he found some orange tinsel garland and wanted to make something for his room with it. I thought for a bit and remembered a quick and easy Halloween wreath idea I had seen on the webthat we could make.

I quickly grabbed some old cardboard, traced a large plate and cut out a wreath form. Next we wrapped the garland around the cardboard wreath and finished it off with an old bow we found in our decoration box as well. I snagged the garland last year after Halloween for 50 cents so this wreath cost me next to nothing and it was SUPER easy for my son to make as well. We are both thrilled with how this quick, easy, kid-friendly wreath came together. Even if you don’t have any garland around to repurpose, you can easily find some for $2 or less at your local store.

Such a fun, cute project!