Halloween Shadow Puppets Printable

Looking for a new and simple way to entertain your children this Halloween?
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We’ve got the answer – Halloween Shadow Puppets – a Printable!


1.Print on black card stock. (Yes, you CAN print on black paper! It’s faint, but the black lines are clear enough to use as guides for cutting. Inks are transparent, like watercolors, so you can’t print white or light colors onto the paper. White only exists by leaving white paper showing. I found the black ink is almost invisible when it is newly printed but wait a couple hours or overnight and it shows up nice and clear the next day! You heard it first here.)

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2.Cut carefully around the shapes with sharp scissors.

3.Cut interior shapes and small details with an x-acto knife.

4.Attach to bamboo skewers.

5.Use in front of a flash light and project onto a wall or set up a thin screen (hang a sheet) between the puppeteer and the audience and shine light from behind.

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Want to make it even more awesome? Check out this video on making the bamboo skewer a hinged controller stick.

For those with a Silhouette Cameo cutting device, you can use the vector files.

Halloween Shadow Puppets

Halloween Shadow Puppets Vector File 1

Halloween Shadow Puppets Vector File 2