Halloween River Cruise

This year we experienced a new Halloween activity, and found a new tradition for our family!
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We went on the Halloween Cruise down the Provo River at CLAS Ropes Course and had a blast! We look forward to making this a yearly tradition to kick off the Halloween season.

The Halloween Cruise boarding area is located at 3606 W. Center Street in Provo. (See note at bottom of post.) You can go as a family or small group, or you can rent out the entire boat and take youth groups, company groups, neighbor groups, friends……..whoever you want; the more the merrier, and the boat can hold up to forty people.

Upon arrival, all kids under twelve will be asked to put on a lifejacket. They provide these, and there is no charge. There is also a food tent available for goodies and snacks before or after your cruise.

We were worried that because it was raining, that they would be closed, but they do not close due to weather. The part of the Provo River that they do the cruise on is always calm, so it is not affected by weather. If it’s cold, you may want to bring a coat or blanket to snuggle up in.

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Your guide will pick you up at the staging area, and guide you through a walk of not-too-spooky-for-young-kids Halloween graveyards. You will pass through the Halloween gateway, and arrive at the river, where you will board for your cruise. The river is dark, but dimly lit with strings of Halloween lights across the river. See over 100 decorated pumpkins lit up along the edge of the river. Some of them are even carved upside down on purpose so that when you see the reflection in the water, they are right side up! It’s a really fun effect!

The cruise boat has a motor, but to keep with the Halloween ambiance, the guide will pull the boat along a roap strung across the river. You will hear a spooky story, and maybe get a visit from a sneaky pirate!

The cruise takes about 25 minutes, and was the perfect family Halloween activity for kids of all ages. I don’t think there is an age group that I would not bring to this cruise. Even small babies will enjoy looking at the glowing lights above their heads. I really appreciated that it was not “overdone” and that you don’t walk away with a headache and feeling overwhelmed like many Halloween activities. It was the perfect blend of “spooky quiet” mixed with the quiet sound of the boat gliding over the water, and the voice of your guide telling you about the pumpkins and spooky stories.

This was our first time attending this cruise, and we look forward to making this a family tradition every October! We also look forward to checking out their Christmas Cruise this Holiday season!

(NOTE: There is major major construction going on in that area, and everything is closed. That is an understatement! Do not let that deter you from checking out this awesome family Halloween activity! The Center Street exit is closed, and when you take University Parkway in Provo and then turn left, left, and left again to get back to Center Street, it guides you right back on the freeway Northbound because they have Center Street itself closed in that area! SO…….take the OREM University Parkway exit, and turn right (coming from Salt Lake), which is Westbound. There is a road that looks like a frontage road, called Geneva Road. Turn left and head Southbound, and it will take you to Center Street in Provo. When you reach Center Street, turn right, which is Westbound. Keep going until you reach 3606 W, and you will see it on your right. If you know where the Provo airport is, it’s almost across the street North from the airport.)

Photos obtained from and used with permission by CLAS Ropes Course.


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Halloween Dinners

Our family seems to center our traditions around food – no wonder I have such a hard time losing weight!