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Halloween Costumes: For you or the children?

I have this problem with Halloween.
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It’s a love hate problem. In my previous life of  “working for a paycheck,” I used the holiday as my way to over-compensate for my lack of time at home. You know, I spent many a sleepless nights getting creative with the costumes knowing that I only had a few years to choose my children’s perfect Halloween ensemble before they decided to voice an opinion. And I think I did very well, especially considering I didn’t even have Pinterest to scour for ideas.

Meet the Cupcake and Mary Poppins:

I tried not to spend too much money and only invest my creativity and time, because lets be real, it is just a costume and I really only care about the photo opportunity. Somehow I managed to out do myself every year on the clever, cute and original scale. (That’s how I judge Halloween costumes, my children’s opinion on the matter does not count.) But this year. This year I think I have peaked, how do I top the cupcake and Mary Poppins? I’ve run straight out of ideas and am lacking all creativity to find the perfect, clever, original costumes, that are better than the years past.

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Plus I’m supposed to have a baby on Halloween. So that’s a problem.

Is this the year that I finally ask my children what they want to be for Halloween? Do I stop caring about how original they look and focus on how much fun they are having? Halloween is one of those exhausting holidays where they have to be shown off, so you are running from one place to the other and only eating candy along the way. And I have to take into consideration that I am going to have a baby. And that’s another costume I have to potentially think about. What if there is a baby brother to add to the photo?

A major part of me wants to continue the quest for great costumes. Stay up late creating something fantastic and perfectly suited for each my daughters personalities, but I’m tired, pregnant and wondering really why I am forcing them into costumes they don’t care about. Will this be the year I succumb to Cinderella and fairy princesses?

Maybe we will just take less photos and give them more candy to compensate for my exhaustion.


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