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Great Gifts Under $10 and Under $15 for this Christmas Season

The clock is ticking! Countdown to Christmas gift-giving is on.
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If you’re dreading the Christmas shopping season this year, never fear.  Shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare – or a big drain on your wallet.  We have a great list of budget-friendly gift ideas to suit any of the grown-ups on your “Nice” list.  With options for Great Gifts Under $10 as well as Great Gifts Under $15, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether your shopping for stocking-stuffers, an office gift exchange, or just some inexpensive but useful gifts (other than the jar candle you bought your friends for the last few Christmases), we’ve got a great list of Ten Gifts Under $10 and – bonus! – Six Gifts Under $15.

So swallow those bah-humbugs and get shopping….and save some cash left over for a little something for yourself.

Great Gifts Under $10

Earfun Clips.$3.99 per 2-pack, The Container Store

Nifty earbud accessories pair perfectly with iTunes giftcards or CDs.  Good for anyone young or young at heart who enjoys listening to music and is searching for a touch of whimsy.  The Container Store carries three styles, you can find more unique earbud options on for $5.99 + shipping, with designs like smiley faces, rhinestones, and even a skull and crossbones.

iSlice Magnetic Cutting Tool$4.99 each, The Container Store.

What sticks to the refrigerator, cuts coupons, opens hard plastic clamshell packaging, and won’t cut you?  The iSlice Magnetic Cutting Tool with a ceramic blade.  Perfect for parents who will be opening many clamshell cases and DVD/CD packs for their kids this Christmas (and clipping coupons for the rest of the year).

Fun Games to Play at Boring Meetings (without your boss knowing).$4.98 each, Bit Wise Gifts.

How I wish I would have had these games when I was still working in corporate.  With meetings running back to back, 5 days a week most weeks, there were certainly many that I – uh – “rested” in.  These fun games, like Assassin, Techno-Bing, Clairvoyance might have kept me a little more perky.  A great gift for someone you know who has survived the latest round of lay-offs and is still slaving away in a cubicle farm.

Ped Egg Professional$6.95 each at

Do you have a friend who wears sandals everyday and NEVER gets a pedicure?  She may not know how disgusting her feet look.  And really, who but a friend can enlighten her?  Save your calloused friend!  Nay, save your calloused friendship!  Also available at Target & Walgreen’s for a slightly higher price, this divine miracle sloughs away nasty dead skin, making calluses a distant memory.  Perfect for your funky footed friend (& possibly yourself).

Cover Up Clips.$6.95 each at

Convert any blanket, scarf, or wrap into a nursing cover.  Now that everyone seems to appreciate the benefits of breastfeeding, we see moms nursing everywhere.  But nothing screams, “I’M NURSING!” like a big pink blanket draped over your chest.  With the invention of these convenient clips, you nurse with a coordinating blanket or wrap and camouflage your stuff.

Nylon Shopper Bags.$6.99 each, The Container Store.

How often do you leave your reusable shopping bags at home or in the car?  If you’re like me, you struggle with deciding whether or not to buy ANOTHER reusable bag at the checkout counter.  Ladies, the debate is over.  Buy these handy bags.  They roll into a tiny pouch and fit in your PURSE!   Available in 3 designs and a larger size. Great for any shopper, especially girlfriends and moms.

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Stainless Steel Shredding Scissors$8.99 each, The Container Store

My husband has an almost unhealthy obsession with shredding paper.  Unfortunately for him, his shredder died – probably from overeating.  Guess what noiseless, motorless, and compact device he’s getting for Christmas!  Hopefully, manual labor will curb his obsession.  Perfect for my husband and anyone who lets the junk mail pile up on the counter above the junk drawer (where our Shredding Scissors will soon live).

Husky 36 Piece Hobby Tool Set$9.97 each at Home Depot.

Every family has a jack-of-all-trades.  That person who can do a little of everything.  Now comes the perfect tool set for the eternal hobbyist.  The case includes knife handles and many blades for whittling and carving, as well as tweezers, needles, calipers and a screwdriver.  Grab one for Old Uncle Bob who doesn’t know what to do with himself since retiring.

Cyclops LED Light.$9.99 each, The Container Store

Shed a lot of light on a little spot.  This bright little light has a flexible neck and a rubberized clamp to clip onto virtually anything, including that book that’s keeping you up at night.  Good for anyone who likes to read long into the night….who’s married to someone that doesn’t.  Also great for the handy-person in the house.

Gift Bag of Candy You Ate as a Kid.Pack-a-Bag at Old Time Candy.

Surprise your favorite sweet-toothed friend with a selection of candy they ate as a kid.  You can buy some of these selections at your local Cracker Barrel Country Store, or you can buy online at Old Time Candy, which allows you to “pack a bag” of individual selections from $.35 to over $2 per selection.  Necco Wafers?  Got ’em.  Bubble gum cigars?  Yep.  Heck, they even have the real-time candy cigarettes like my Momma used to give me before it was politically incorrect to woo children to smoking.  The site even will pack a bag assortment by decade and also provides interesting historical commentary on each candy it offers.

Great Gifts Under $15

Laptop Identifier.$11.99 each at The Container Store.

Have you ever mistakenly put your key in someone else’s car door because you thought it was your car?  Laptops can look VERY similar, but unfortunately they don’t require keys.  How about a nametag/pocket that sticks to your laptop with a repositionable adhesive square?  It has a business card window and a pen & notepad holder so you will always know which laptop is yours!  A great gift idea for the person who is always on the go with his laptop.

BBQ grillware 2-in-1 All-Purpose LED Grill light.$12.88 at Lowe’s.

Grilling in the dark is not pretty.  Unfortunately, when you go camping or grill in the winter, you often find yourself watching the sun go down just as the fire gets hot enough to cook the food.  Well, here’s the perfect gizmo to solve that problem: a light that is water resistant, battery operated, and clamps onto the grill.  Buy this for the grillmaster in your family, and he’ll thank you with steaks cooked to order (hopefully).

Comic Blocks – Week @ Work.$12.99 at

Some of us LOVE our jobs (myself included – just in case the boss reads this).  Some of us wish we had other jobs.  These Comic Blocks keep track of a week at work with a cartoon narrative on each side.  If someone you love is depressing you because she hates her job, buy her these blocks.  A little comic relief goes a long way.  Tell her not to throw them at her manager.

Pain is Good Hot Sauce.  $3.19 or $4.79 each at your grocery store, depending on the flavor.

Any man who doesn’t mind crying through his meal for the sake of a hot tongue will LOVE these hot sauces.  You can buy online, but unless you buy a large quantity, the shipping cost may not outweigh the discount from buying from the store down the street.  I suggest going to your local SuperTarget, buying a few bottles, and presenting them wrapped with a big towel that could be used as a bib.  Perfect for anyone you want to torture this Christmas… best friend’s dirt-bag boyfriend comes to mind.  You don’t even need to wrap it; how could you possibly top the outrageously funny faces of pain on the label?

Umbra 4×6 Doodlebook Frame. $13.99 at 

Doodlers will love being able to frame their favorite pictures in doodles.  This is an imaginative way to add captions to a photo or express your thoughts about a loved one.  Don’t worry.  If you make a mistake , change photos, or have a new idea, there are 80 pages on the frame.  Perfect for anyone who like photos and doodling, especially teenagers.

More Time Moms Family Organizer 2009 Pocket Wall Calendar.$14.99 at

Christmas means a new year is one week away!  Help your favorite mom in her resolve to be organized and on schedule in 2009.  This calendar is one of the best – big spaces to write lots of family activities, stickers to visually identify important dates and types of activities, plus a pocket at the back to hold key papers.  We also love that it runs Sept to Dec – recognizing that, for a Mom, the year really does start in September with the school year.  If this calendar isn’t for you, there are thousands of calendars on this website for less than $15.  They are also running free shipping right now on orders over $20.  Find one for any of your gift-getters.


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