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Gratitude Garland

Last November, I wanted an activity that would help my children focus on all they have to be grateful for in their lives
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I’d seen several “gratitude trees” and decided to come up with my own.

Our back door made a great central location, the children and I added a few leaves whenever we thought of another blessing in our lives.  By Thanksgiving, our gratitude tree had leaves on the branches and even floating down toward the base of the tree.  It was a great addition to our Thanksgiving festivities as we took time to read all our many blessings.

This year I still want to fine tune our attitude of gratitude, but I wanted to change it up a little bit.  Hanging from the mantle is the beginning of our Gratitude Garland.  I started with yarn in a few autumn colors and braided them into a long rope.  Next I printed leaf shapes on fall printed papers, cut them out, and placed them in a basket with a marker.  Now when anyone thinks of a something they are grateful for, they write it on the leaf and attach it to our garland with a cute mini clothespin.  This doesn’t have to be limited to things; I recently added the helpful act of one of my children washing a pan I was going to need without even being asked!

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There is a chance our garland will get very full or I may have to make another one to drape on the stair railing. That is a small price to pay to increase the loving atmosphere during this grateful time of year!


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