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Giant Fabric Ribbon Boards with Custom-Printed Fabric by Spoonflower provided fabric for our event but the event creation, stapling and sweat as well as opinions are all mine and the Click Team. Read on to see what we made.

Looking for a fun way to display your photos? TodayMama recently hosted the Click Blogger Retreat and we wanted to fill every inch of these gorgeous beach homes with pictures. We knew we couldn't hammer a million nails into the walls. So we built GIANT Fabric Ribbon Boards for our attendees to show off their mad photography skills.

Giant Fabric Ribbon Boards with Custom-Printed Spoonflower Fabric

The best part? We were able to use custom-printed, linen/cotton-blend, designer-weight fabric from!

Spoonflower and Click Retreat -

What's Spoonflower? Only the coolest, most soul-satisfying fabric-making site on the planet. Okay, I'm a little biased as I hoard fabric and am always looking for the PERFECT pattern for my projects. Spoonflower allows you to create your own custom fabric design, pick a type of fabric and they'll kindly print and ship it to you. Even if you're not the fabric-designing type, you can shop thousands of fabrics by color, pattern or designer to find just what you're looking for. The company even added gift wrap, decals and wall paper to their product offering. Cool, right?

Plus, you'll find a weekly contest where you can vote for your favs. You can find fabrics such as Fat-Quarter sized Calendar Tea Towels and One Yard Costume Patterns. You can upload your child's letter to Santa and make original gift wrap. How brilliant can you be?

Want to make your own Fabric Ribbon Board? Here's the plan.

Supplies create a 4-foot by 6-foot board

  • 2 1/2 yards of 54" wide fabric
  • Low-loft, cotton batting, approximately 54"x78"
  • 4'x6' sheet of 15/32-inch plywood
  • 3/8-inch ribbon, approx 25-26 yards
  • 7/16-inch upholstry tacks, approx 50 (you'll only need 39, but hammering takes practice)
  • staple gun + light- or medium-weight staples
  • 1-2 yardsticks
  • small hammer
Giant Fabric Board Supplies -

1. Find or design some cool fabric on! We were able to upload our Click Retreat logo, select a "half-brick" repeat pattern and have our own logo'd fabric! We also picked a selection of beach-themed fabrics to fill our homes with dozens of boards.

Click Retreat Custom Fabric on Spoonflower
Custom Print Fabrics from Spoonflower -

2. Plan enough fabric to allow a 3-inch margin around all sides of your finished board size.

3. Stop by your neighborhood Lowe's for a sheet of 15/32-inch thick plywood. We cut the 4'x8' boards into 4'x6', 4'x4' and 4'x2' pieces. Yep, that's FEET. We're talking GIANT!

4. Batting - To make your fabric ribbon board have a slightly tufted look, you'll need to cover it with a layer of batting under the fabric. You can use a high-loft polyester or a lower-loft smooth, cotton batting. If you're using a mid-weight fabric or decorator-weight fabric, you'll lose a little loft height. A lightweight cotton and fluffy batting will give you the deepest looking tufts so choose your fabric and batting to get the look you want.

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5. Lay out your fabric on a large, smooth surface. A tile or hardwood floor works better than carpet for making sure your remove any wrinkles. Cut your fabric to size, adding a 3-inch margin beyond the edge of your wood. Measure and cut your batting, adding at least a 2-inch margin to size of the finished wood. Spread your batting on the fabric and center the wood.

Giant Fabric Board - Layering with Margins -

6. Begin stapling at the corners by pulling in both layers at a 90-degree angle. Be sure to gently pull the fabric to ensure a taut fit. Next, staple the center of each of the four sides. You'll want the fabric to be tight, but not overstretched. Finish stapling the batting and fabric to the wood, moving from the center to the corners. Fold the corners over to make a tidy, 45-degree angle fold.

Giant Fabric Boards - Fold in Corners First

7. Turn your board over and lay your yardstick on one side. We placed the ribbon every 12 inches with a diagonal ribbon starting in each corner. This will give you perpendicular intersections on your board. Alternatively, you can create a harlequin diamond shape by moving the ribbon closer together.

8. Cut a generous length of ribbon for each stripe and lay across your board. Working from one corner, line up your ribbon at the 12-inch mark and staple to the edge of the board. Work your way around the board, being careful to keep the ribbon flat and taut. Staple or tape the ribbon tails to the back of the board.

9. Using a small hammer, insert an upholstry nail at every intersection of ribbon on the front.

If you're planning on hanging your board, consider screwing in a sturdy picture hanger before you start covering with fabric.

Here are some more of our giant boards with photos!

Giant Fabric Board with Spoonflower Fabric
Giant Fabric Board with Spoonflower Fabric by
Click Photo Board -

What would you create with custom-printed fabric?

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