Free Starbucks Coffee

It was around Christmas time last year when I was introduced to Starbucks’ New Years Tumbler.
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All you have to do is buy the specified tumbler, and you can get free Starbucks coffee everyday in the month of January.

The tumbler went up in price this year. Last year it was only $20, but this year they bumped it up to $30. I still think it’s a pretty good deal. You can fill it up throughout the day with whatever they have on drip. The best thing is, they don’t charge anything for it!

I know we are almost half way through January, but I still see a few on the shelves when I get my morning pick-me-up. If you are a coffee lover like me, grab yourself one before they are all gone. (They are on sale for $15 if you get one now.) Also, look for the next one to come out in early December.


Joy is Free

My two year old daughter is a master at play. I sit in awe of how easeful life is for her, not because she is a kid but because she has not been “taught” that life is hard an all about attaining things. When she wants to become a pirate she imagines her bright blue pirate ship with polka dots around her.