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Free Range Turkeys Near Boston

I’ve found five places for you to find your free range turkeys near Boston.
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Free Range Turkey

Do you know where your Thanksgiving turkey is coming from? To get the healthiest, best tasting turkey you may want to look into supporting some local farms in the area for your free range turkeys. There are many organic and free range turkeys available if you’re willing to put a little extra effort (and usually money) into getting one.

Many farms boast ‘free-range’ turkeys, though the meaning varies. It can be anything from a bird being ‘allowed access to the outside’ or completely roaming free in the fresh air and sunshine. You just have to ask. Here are some farms to get you started!

Bob’s Turkey Farm (Lancaster, MA): $3.29 per pound for fresh or frozen turkeys. Call 978-365-9271 for more info.

Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm (Hardwick, MA): Grass fed, pastured, chemical free meats! Small turkey $68 (10-15 lbs), medium turkey $88 (16-20 lbs), large turkey $110 (21-24 lbs), extra large $130 (25+ lbs). 2011 Turkey Order Form. Requires $25 deposit.

The Turkey Farm (Sharon, ME): Uses feed certified to be free of genetically engineered grains, no hormones or routine antibiotics. Whole turkeys $3.49 per pound (price may chance with price of feed). Order here.

Hettie Belle Farm (Warwick, MA): Certified organic grain feed, ample pasture, no antibiotics or hormones. Flat rate of $100 per bird (15-20 lbs).

John Crow Farm (Groton, MA): Love the modern website! It looks like there are a few turkeys left and you can pre-order by email. Contact directly for more info.

Make sure to ask a few questions like what the turkeys are fed, if they are given antibiotics, how much time do they spend outdoors, and whether hormones are administered. You may even be able to find a good deal at your local natural foods store, but certainly do not expect to pay the same amount as you would for mass produced turkeys at a regular grocery store. After one bite you may find it was totally worth the price! Do you know of a good place for quality turkey in the Boston area? Please share your tips.


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Fresh Turkey!

Have you ordered your all natural, free range Thanksgiving turkey yet from Wight’s Turkey Farm in Ogden?