Free Printable Shamrock Tag

I’m a big fan of baking goodies and then forcing them on friends and family.
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I would love to tell you that this is because I’m such a generous and thoughtful person, but really, it’s because I don’t need 24 cupcakes in my house.

(I have a superpower. I can eat 24 cupcakes in 8 hours. TRUTH.)

I’m working on polishing my packaging skills. For St. Patrick’s Day, how about some shamrock cookies, bundled and adorned with these snazzy free printable shamrock tags?

Of course, you’re not limited to using these shamrock tags on baked goods. Wrap up a collection of rainbow colored crayons, a pile of chocolate coins, or a potted clover to spread some luck and charm.

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Directions: Download the full size file. Print. Use a circle punch (or a steady hand) to cut out the front of the tag, along with a circle of the green pattern (this will be the back of the tag). Glue the front and back together, punch a hole, and attach to your St. Patty’s gift treat of choice.