FREE Books with Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program

Now your kids can get FREE books with the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program!
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Did you know research over the last 100 years shows that a student’s standardized test results are lower at the end of summer vacation verses the beginning of summer? Ask any teacher you know and they’ll say the one thing you can do to help students this summer break is to READ! And now your kids can even earn free books for doing it! I mean…who wants free books this summer? I DO!!

The Program is pretty easy.  Have your awesome little readers complete the steps below!

1. Read EIGHT books this summer and record it in your Reading Journal (download journal here).

2. Bring in your completed journal to a Barnes and Noble store between May 16th and September 5th, 2017. (Find a store near you!)

3. Choose your FREE book from the list of featured books (found on the back of the journal).

The Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program is for children grades 1-6. Get reading!!

Don’t have a Barnes and Noble near by? Contact your local library to see if they have a reading program or join in with other national companies who have programs your kids can participate in.  A few offering summer programs are Half Price Books, Books-A-Million and Chuck E. Cheese!

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Have kids that aren’t in love with reading? Encourage summer reading by:

  • Reading with your children (even if they are old enough to read on their own).
  • Make it a family affair! Pick a book for all to read; take turns.
  • Set a goal to read a book that is now a movie; finish the book then watch the movie later!
  • Have an older sibling read to the littles; have the littles draw pictures of what they hear.
  • Let them read ANYTHING!! Back of a cereal box, comic books, books below their grade level–anything!

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