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Five Valentine Crafts for Toddlers

My three year old is struggling with the arrival of her baby brother, it’s been two months.
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So I think a crafting date for me and her is just the thing! During the baby’s nap of course. Here are some great Valentine crafts for toddlers that any 2-4 year old will appreciate. Of course at this age, you end up doing most of the work yourself, but they love to help and mostly they just love watching something being created! That’s how it is with toddlers, sometimes they just want to watch you do something and then let them try. They’ll make a mess, but that’s how they learn.

Heart Toddler Art: Get messy, dress accordingly. (photo:

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Potato Stamp Valentine’s Cards: The most fascinating part for the toddler will be watching you make the stamp out of a potato! (photo:

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Recycled Heart Craft: I don’t know about you, but we have plenty of empty toilet paper rolls. This craft is simple, fun for toddlers. (

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Love Rocks: Open ended craft with many options depending on the recipient. (photo:

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Valentine Pom Pom Garland: I love this, fun to make and you get to dress up your space for Valentine’s Day. (photo:

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Do you have any fun ideas for Valentine Crafts for Toddlers? Please do share! Like all things handmade? Then you must see these handmade Valentine gifts (hint: you don’t have to make them yourself). We’ve got you covered for Valentine’s Day recipes as well!

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