Father’s Day Fun at Six Flags Over Texas

Hey there On the move families! Summer has officially arrived!
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We’ve traded in school uniforms for brightly colored swim suits, carpools for neighborhood bike rides and early mornings for sleeping in. The only thing missing is the summertime activity schedule, right? Well guess what? I’ve got you covered in the DFW area!

This week, it’s Father’s Day and we’re getting ready for some fun at Six Flags Over Texas! My family, Rush, Hurry, Speed and I are all set with our lanyards holding our 2012 season passes! By the way, if you haven’t picked up the season passes for your family, the special pricing of 4+ passes for $59.99 each, has been extended through this Sunday, June 17! Not bad when you consider the unlimited park visits, free admission to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and other Six Flags Theme Parks, tickets for your friends and discounts throughout the entire park. If you think your family will take more than two trips to this family fun filled theme park, then go pick yourself up a few season passes before you miss the special!Did you know that you can use your “bring a friend” coupon this weekend for Father’s Day? You betcha! It’s one of the coupons in the 2012 Season Pass Coupon Book. So if your family is like mine, this is a great deal because it’s always easier to take a friend of each child, to keep the arguing to a minimum.While in the park, I am looking forward to the new show iLuminate, the glow in the dark acrobats! We missed them on America’s Got Talent, but can’t wait to see them in person. The show premiered on Saturday, June 9. Join the Onthemoves, as we watch the show of lights.After watching the glow show, I think we will check out some professional clowning around with AGA-BOOM! This should be an exciting experience as we enjoy the antics of several silly clowns. Maybe we can learn a few tricks to try at home!I am certain that after this show, my family will insist that we enjoy some rides. So, I plan to take on my old favorite the Shock Wave and its double loops as it twists and turns me all around and upside down twice! If I can still stand up and walk away from the Shock Wave, our next stop will be the New Texas Giant. I am a fan of smooth sailing, so the thought of a less bumpy ride, is appealing!This is sure to be a Father’s Day that Rush Onthomove will remember for years to come. In fact, if we do it right, we may repeat our visit for Father’s Day 2013!Have a super summertime week!Tootles,Zoom