Fall Paper Plate Crafts

Last fall one of my children was yearning to do some fall crafts to decorate our home.
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We found pictures of several crafts made from paper plates and decided to try our hand at a couple. Talk about some super easy and cheap entertainment! We started off making Paper Plate Jack o Lanterns. It was interesting to see how different everyone did the same project. The best part about these pumpkins is even in the Arizona heat, they won’t rot!

Next we moved on to our Paper Plate Owls.

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We hung them right next to our pumpkins. We thought about hanging them in the tree out front of our house on Halloween night, but we didn’t get that far.

The funniest thing since we made our owls is now I see owls everywhere! I didn’t even realize owls were popular again when we made them. Part of the reason I’m so intrigued is because my mom collected owls when I was a kid. I personally made several macramé owls for her to adorn our house. Macramé was already losing popularity back then and the owls followed. Now they are back, but cuter!

Fall’s here again. We pulled out last year’s pumpkins and owls. I am impressed with how well they did in storage. We added to our collection of paper plate crafts with Paper Plate Mummies. Again everyone had a different take on what a mummy should look like, there’s the ultra-simple model and several more detailed versions.

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So if your children are feeling a little crafty, gather some paper plates (the cheaper the better), construction paper, acrylic paint and glue. Then step back and see your children’s creativity unless you want in on the action too!


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Fall Crafting

It’s that time of year when the deep earth tones of orange, brown, and red dot the trees and litter our yards.