Fall Leaf Projects

Nothing against turkey art projects, but they are not for me. I’d rather just eat it the delicious things!
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But I do LOVE all the fall leaf art projects for the kiddos. We’ll be trying these out in the next couple weeks.

This fall leaf crown is to die for or this one from family fun might be a bit more simple.  I think my little girl might LOVE it, if not it would make for an adorable picture!

These animal and bug projects kill me.  I can totally see all of the kiddos including me having a blast with these.

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These salt dough leaves could be fun to hang from a window and provide a different medium, which my kids always enjoy!

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While the big boys are at school my little ones and I would have fun with this painted leaf project.

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Happy Fall Crafting!


School Projects from Hell

My sister-in-law was telling me recently about a school project assigned to her daughter in kindergarten. This was the cheerful instruction the teacher sent home on a sheet of bright yellow paper: Bake a cookie which represents the Great Plains ~ Bring to class on Monday!