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Fall Fashion–Recipes for What to Wear

Fall Fashion–Recipes for What to Wear
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Most of us enjoy flipping through the ‘Fall Spectacular Issue’ of our favorite fashion magazine or seeing celebrities show off on the red carpet, but when it comes time to dress for our own big entrances, it feels like a chore. As things pop up in your life, wouldn’t it be nice to reach for your ‘uniform’? Whether it is a night out with old friends, a trip to the park to meet a new playgroup or a dreaded formal dinner with people you hardly know, having the right uniform for the occasion removes the stress of getting dressed. Follow these recipes and you will look your best every time.

Friday Night Casual

Pretty Top + Long, Dark Jeans + Sexy Heels + Statement Color Accessory

Many special events, especially weekend events, have a casual pre-party planned the night before the big shindig. (Think weddings, reunions, incentive trips.) Everyone focuses on what to wear Saturday night, but Friday night is when you make your entrance. Here is the recipe for a casual yet polished evening look that says “I may be a busy mom, but I still remember how to have grownup fun”. Keep in mind, this is also the perfect ‘uniform’ for those busy Friday nights when you suddenly realize the babysitter is on her way.

ALWAYS wear proper undergarments. Wear your best bra to make your girly assets perky. (Even if that means you will have to rinse it out in the shower for the next night.) Go for the shape-wear if it is going to make you feel more confident.

If your top is a tunic cut, make sure it is not too long. Hemming tunics to the hip bone ensure you don’t look like you’re wearing left over maternity while reducing the risk of exposed muffin top. Your top options are limitless. You can go for something inexpensive and trendy or a great basic black piece to accessorize. The lower neckline of a scoop or V is going to lengthen your neck making you look tall and lean.

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Long, dark, boot leg jeans look good on everyone. Avoid a lot of stitching or embellishments. Dedicate a pair specifically for dressing up to keep the wash dark. And please don’t tell me you cannot find jeans that fit! Gap carries several different cuts with 30” to 37” inseams.

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Wearing a heel says you are ready for a date. To keep them comfy, look for wedges (more support) or wear boots a half size too big allowing room for cozy socks. Many of the ‘comfort’ shoe brands make cute heels. Check out Born, J-41, and Aerosoles. Shop online at Piperlime or Zappos for free shipping and lots of time to test drive new shoes in your home. 

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One big accessory like a statement color bag, chunky necklace, or patterned scarf is an easy way to add style. Purple, teal and red look very current. Plaid is hot too. Check junior and denim lines for cute, inexpensive (well less expensive) options. Look for Roxy, Lucky, Joe’s Jeans and Big Buddha.

Follow this recipe to make a great entrance with little effort at your next casual evening event. Or why wait? Make this Friday a much needed date night. You are going to look hot!


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