Elf on the Shelf Controversy

Elf on the Shelf Controversy
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I read an article in the Nauvoo Times that inspired me to speak up a bit on behalf of this crazy little phenomenon known as Elf on the Shelf, or as we like to call ours, Roscoe Peeko Train.

The article talks about how creepy the elf is and how he is taking the job of the parents in monitoring good behavior and…well read it for yourself here.  Now I agree with some of what the author is saying and I do think that parents need to step up and help their families remember the true meaning of Christmas.  It was a wonderfully written article; I just happen to look for a simpler way to identify with the elf, my kids, and my holiday.  As mentioned before we are proud to have an elf in the family.  Our Roscoe makes no mischief…he doesn’t monitor bad behavior or take the place of the true meaning of the season.  We have him for fun.   He leaves us notes that are encouraging for the day or that have a scripture on them about Christ.  For our family he’s another way to help keep our kids…kids. With all the electronics and all the hubbub of technology there’s something a little bit nice about a simple elf with a simple smile that helps remind us that Christmas is about traditions and family!