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Echoes Of Christmas 2012 – FREE EVENT!

Echoes Of Christmas is a FREE event at Liberty Park, and one that we wouldn’t miss for anything!
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We first attended it two years ago, and it is now our favorite Holiday tradition. Kids love seeing the live camels, sheep, donkeys and more!

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2012 Echoes Of Christmas Dates:

December 13 – 15 & 17 – 19, 2012

  • Presented Each Evening from 7:00 to 9:00 PM
  • Groups are formed every 20 minutes
  • Takes approximately 30 minutes to see all stations
  • Weather Permitting
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Upon arriving, you are greeted by a small fire to warm your hands by while you wait for your turn to start the journey. When a small group has gathered, you are assigned two shepherd guides: one to guide the group, and one to follow behind the group to make sure that none of you are lost. The shepherds guide you to a man who will introduce what Echoes of Christmas is all about.An echo is something that is heard after the fact. The Echoes Of Christmas are accounts from those that were around during the birth of Christ, and they tell their part in this miraculous event. You hear accounts from a lonely shepherd boy, a group of shepherds that are visited by an angel, a priest, wise men, the innkeepers that could not turn Mary and Joseph away, Mary and Joseph themselves, and a heavenly choir of angels. Each little area is about 3-5 minutes long. Upon leaving, my children whispered to me, “Mom! This was cool!”This is a free event, and at the end there are CDs available to buy for $10 if you choose to do so. We definitely purchased a few, and look forward to hearing this music in our homes every year at Christmas time. All of the music in this production is original music. They do not pressure you to buy, they just let you know that the CDs are available. There are also flyers that you can take to pass around to friends and family.You are allowed to take pictures, as long as it’s no flash. They also do not want you to take video of the production.The people behind this really know what they are doing! They have thought ofevery little detailin regards to the production and performance:

  • Microphones,speakersand lights: Even though you are in small groups in a small area, they have microphones, speakers, and lights to enhance the production. There’s nothing worse than going to a production and not being able to hear what is being said! I really appreciate that they know this!
  • Places to sit: Even though you are only standing at each production for a few minutes, they still set out bales of hay to sit on. They encourage the bales of hay be reserved for those that cannot stand for very long, or for small children or those of us that are “vertically challenged” (like me). It’s frustrating when we go to a performance and my kids are whining the entire time because they cannot see or hear. I really appreciated that they thought of this little detail! It really helped add to my and my children’s enjoyment of the production! It really is a great events for people of all ages!
  • Shepherd guides: Each group is assigned two shepherd guides; one for the front to lead the group, and one for the back to make sure nobody is left behind, and that each production doesn’t start until everybody is there and ready. Having two small children myself, they don’t walk as fast as adults do, and sometimes we fall behind. I was worried that we weren’t going to see the beginning of each production because we were walking behind the rest of the group, but they didn’t let this happen. My kids even got a front row seat to see each and every performance. As a parent, I really appreciate this!
  • Transition Music: When the song is over, there is light music playing while you walk to the next scene. It really helps keep the mood and atmosphere of the message they are portraying!
  • Live animals: This was so much fun! Having the live animals really enhanced the production and helped you feel like you were “really there”.
  • The actors and actresses: They were wonderful! Their emotion and passion while singing the songs about the birth of Christ made you feel like they were really there during that time period, and that you had travelled back in time and were witnessing this extraordinary event. All of the people involved in this production are volunteers, and do not get paid. For them to put that much passion into something they are not getting paid to do was very touching. Make sure to bring a kleenex, because hearing Mary and Joseph sing about baby Jesus is unexplainable.
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