Easy Leprechaun Craft

Easy Leprechaun Craft
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We found a cute little leprechaun craft on Family Fun, and because we didn’t have pipe cleaners and other supplies, we decided to make our own easy leprechaun craft.

Go to the Family Fun website for original instructions. Here are instructions on how to make our easy leprechaun craft:

Supplies needed:

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Paint: Green, black, red or orange, light pink, and flesh color
  • Piece of cardboard or white construction paper
  • Small charm for the hat brim decoration. We used a shamrock marshmallow from Lucky Charm cereal


1.Paint entire toilet paper roll green.

2.While toilet paper roll is drying, paint cardboard or white construction paper the same color green as the toilet paper roll. Let both dry.

3.When dry, trace a circle on the painted cardboard using the end of the toilet paper roll. Draw a larger circle around the outside of the traced circle.

4.Draw two connected tear drop shapes on the painted cardboard for the leprechaun’s feet. Leave a small flap to fit into the inside of the toilet paper roll to make it secure.

5.Carefully cut out the large circle, and the smaller circle inside of it. The smaller circle inside is going to be the top of the hat, and the larger circle is going to fit around the toilet paper roll for the hat brim.

6.Paint on hair, face, arms and belt. Let dry.

7.When dry, slide on the hat brim, and glue the top of the hat on.

8.Glue on the hat brim charm decoration.

9.Glue on the feet.

Because this is the simple, basic leprechaun instructions, use your imagination to add flare to “make it your own”.


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