Easter Egg Decorating for Special Needs Kids

Eggs are one of the main attractions of Easter and yet, they can be the most fragile at the same time.
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Our special needs children are just like eggs in many ways.  Decorating eggs is a must do event for Easter and all kids love the creative process of decorating.  I have collected a sampling of cool egg designs from various websites.  When reading the instructions, be aware of whatever accommodations you will need to make for your special needs child. Enjoy!

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs – I just love the crafts on the Disney website and they don’t disappoint with this one.  You will need to supervise the dying portion of this, but your child can shake the collander and help pat the eggs dry.

Growing a Jeweled Rose 30 Ways to Decorate Eggs – This is my newest go to site for various activies.  This site is run by a therapist who uses her training with her kids and shares the results on her website.  She also has a great dollar store activity list.

Kool-Aid Eggs -This is a great website for not only directions on how to die eggs using Kool-Aid, but also for directions in boiling eggs.  There are also some suggestions on how to get the best colors by blending a few different flavors.  Kids will get a kick out of using a drink to color their eggs.

Crafty Eggs -This blog gives suggestions for using crafty items around your home or purchasing specific items for the egg designs. They are cute to look at!

Natural Ingredients Egg Dying -Better Homes and Gardens took on the natural approach to egg dying.  Each color has different steps to acquire the various shades that you would like to have on the egg.  Depending upon how much your child can do, you can put your child to work assisting you with the various natural dyes.

These are just some of the great websites for egg decoration.  Each one is unique in what they offer to you, so play around and have fun with eggs this Easter!