Easter Basket Ideas

Easter kind of sneaks up on me.
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I haven’t been purchasing Easter basket items for months, nor do I have a lot of time left. I did a quick search to find some inexpensive, simple Easter basket ideas.

I like the idea of not using a traditional basket, but putting Easter surprises in a container that can be used again. Here are some ideas from My Frugal Adventures.

Along the same lines, I could use a purse as an Easter basket. Here is a suggestion from Hub Pages.

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Make and Takes suggests making your own recycled Easter basket out of a frosting container. Kind of cute, but not a lot of room for more than just a few treats. (Might now be a bad thing!)

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Here’s another homemade Easter basket idea from Family Fun.

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What to put inside the Easter basket? The Mom Creative has 101 awesome ideas to get me thinking outside of jelly beans.

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I also like the Easter basket ideas from Women’s Day. This link suggests basket fillers for all ages including book recommendations.

Can’t help but also include this darling Easter basket cake from Family Fun.  They promise it is easy to make. I’m going to give it a try.

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