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DIY Etched Glasses

Ever wanted to make etched glasses? These snowflake glasses are going to make great neighbor gifts this year!

Have you ever wanted to try glass etching? I heard it was easy and it's true! Forget the store-bought Pottery Barn etched wine glasses.

DIY Etched Glasses v Pottery Barn Etched Wine Glasses -

You can monogram or decorate your own set of etched glasses in 60 seconds. Really!

DIY Etched Glasses Tutorial -

Remember the new die-cutting machine I tried out? After I made snowflake votives, I had a stack of snowflake outlines left over. I picked up a jar of glass etching cream (really, it's dirt cheap on Amazon and $49.99 at my local craft store!). Since I was experimenting, I ordered this set of snowflake stencils too.

Snowflake Stencils for Etching Glasses -

Great choice to speed up the project as the stencils are re-positionable adhesives like your old Colorforms. They also have a bit of depth so your cream can fill in the design.

Using a mix of my larger die-cut vinyl snowflakes and these stencils, I started prepping my glasses. Probably should have washed them first, but I didn't. I measured an inch-and-a-half from the rim to position my snowflakes. I needed a toothpick or pencil point to arrange some of the finer details, making this the longest step. After a few, I was much more comfortable in positioning my stencils.

DIY Etched Glasses Step by Step -

Once the stencils were on, I decided to skip the recommended step of masking off the rest of the glass. Using a small foam brush, my goal was to be tidy. Plus, I didn't want to spend the time putting on tape when I knew I'd just have to take it off. If you're worried about random etched spots or have a thin margin between your design and the rest of your piece, go ahead and protect the other areas so you get a good, clean finish.

Using the foam brush, I dabbed a light layer of cream over my design until it was covered. Don't be afraid to use a thick layer of cream so you get a uniform etch across your design. One of my larger snowflake centers came out a bit splotchy because the cream was thin and uneven. Let your design sit for one minute and then rinse under running water.

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This is probably a good point to remind you that this is a chemical and you don't want to inhale it, get it in your eyes or rub it on your skin. Protective gloves are good and even goggles! Don't rinse the cream onto any dishes in the sink since you really don't want to ingest this either. The jar of cream has a big warning label on it, so read it and you'll get all the technical details. It even comes with a child-proof cap to protect the little hands that may want to help with this project.

DIY Etched Glasses Close Up -

Once the cream is gone, simply remove your stencil. Rinse off the glass and stencil once more for good measure and dry your piece. Voila! Snowflakes everywhere!

In about an hour, I was able to etch up about 30 glasses, working on an interrupted basis as my children drove cars around my feet and I snapped pictures.

I promise you'll start looking for every blank piece of glass in your house. Monograms, fleur de lys, stripes and stars...

What will your first glass etching project be?

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Note: I included an affiliate link to Amazon but since I was gung-ho and purchased the jumbo size of etching cream when I really only used 1/4 cup, please just come use some of mine.


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