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DIY Christmas Gift For Teachers

First of all I would like to say that the people who came up with Pintrest are geniuses!
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If it were not for them, I would be lost for creative ideas.  With that being said, I found the cutest idea for teachers gifts.

DIY Teacher gift

When I saw this project, I thought it looked easy enough.

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You will need: Card stock, box of crayons, knife, shadow box, hot glue gun

First, get on your computer and go into your word processor.  Type your letter.  In my case I did an “F”.  Then, pick a fun font of any type and make it as large as you would like.   When you are happy with the letter (size and font) print it out on a piece of card stock.

After you have printed your letter, cut it to fit the frame of your shadow box.  Once it is the right size, start lining your crayons up on your card stock.  You should match the crayons to the lines of your letter.  If there are parts of your letter that may be shorter than others (see my example), you will need to cut your cut your crayon with a knife.  (Tip: when cutting the crayon, turn the crayon as you add pressure with the knife all the way around.  Do not cut through because you may not get a clean cut.  If you do it correctly, the crayon should snap in half.)

After all your crayons are cut and lined up to match your letter, you are ready to hot glue the colors down.  Be very careful not to melt the crayons.  I found it easier to glue each crayon to the paper; however, the directions I read said to glue the crayons to each other first, then glue to the paper.  Either way you will have the same outcome, it’s just whatever is easier for you.

Once everything is dry and you have picked at the excess hot glue, it is ready to be framed.  This whole project too less than an hour from start to finish.  It is an easy and cheap gift for any teacher or whoever else you think might like that kind of thing.


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