Discount Circus Tickets

My kids love animals and would be thrilled to see a circus in action.
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I have a strange suspicion my oldest daughter would want to be the girl riding the elephants or in the cage with the tigers when she grows up, but for now, she’ll have to settle for ring-side seats.  This summer Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey will come to Dallas and Ft. Worth, July 27 – August 14, but sign up now to become a preferred customer and you can save 20% off your tickets when you purchase online before May 20.

If your youngster is under 12 months old and you’re not quite ready for the circus this summer, you can sign up your little one to get a ticket to see his/her first circus FREE!  I’ve done this with all three of my children and can’t wait to take my twins to their first circus this summer.  After you sign up you will receive your child’s ticket in the mail.  There is no expiration date so you can decide when the time is right to see the action.

Most everyone has fond memories of going to the circus with their kids and this is one memory I can’t wait to create.