Destressing the Holidays Tip #2–Thankful Thoughts & Crafts - Today's Mama

Destressing the Holidays Tip #2–Thankful Thoughts & Crafts

The second installment in my effort to destress our mommies and put the fun back into the holiday season!
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Tip #2: Thoughts of Gratitude

When we get overwhelmed with all of the things that we need, we lose sight of all of the things that we already have. If you have been in the stores, they are already playing Christmas carols and putting up the Christmas trees. It takes effort to remember that Thanksgiving comes first these days, and that effort  should extend to our holiday preparations too.  Many of my friends and family committed on Facebook to post a daily “thankful for” message for the 30 days until Thanksgiving. So far, it has made me really think of the great things in my life.

An easy way to expand this to your whole family is the Thankful Tree from Family Fun. Easy to make and kids can write daily what they are thankful for. Take the leaves off on Thanksgiving day and talk about them as you thread them on a piece of yarn and you get a great family reminder of the blessings in your life as well as a sweet keepsake to save for next year!