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Destressing the Holidays Tip #1: Stretch out the Holiday Season

Destressing the Holidays Tip #1: Stretch out the Holiday Season
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October until January is a blur for me every year, from Halloween, end of soccer season parties, Thanksgiving, semester final exams at work, holiday parties and parades, so I thought I would post a series of tips to remind all of us mommies to slow down, take a breath and actually ENJOY some of the holiday season this year!

Tip #1: Stretch out the holiday season.

One of the traditions in my family is to give homemade sweets for the holidays. My mom, who was still working as a full-time nurse, made more than 20 different cookies and candy for her holiday plates that she gave to friends and family. Her mother used to do the same holiday baking. Since having kids, this just hasn’t been possible for me, because the holidays are also the end of the semester at work for me, which means grading, grading and more grading! So every year, I stress about baking something, and whether to include my kids or just get it done myself. It isn’t fun and it definitely creates holiday stress!

This year I decided to stretch out the holiday season by gifting people throughout the holiday season instead of just in the weeks right before Christmas.  I’m hoping that my sweet gifts might be better appreciated when there isn’t an enormous amount of holiday goodies, as well as making it easier for me to deal with baking for one daycare, two schools, my work, husband’s work, and all the teachers my kids have!

I plan to start immediately, by using some of our Halloween candy to make extra batches of Tootsie Roll Fudge. How can you spread out your holiday season to save yourself some holiday stress?

PS–I picked up my holiday stamps this week when I mailed a birthday present! Cross one thing off the list so far!