Designer Christmas Tree vs. Sentimental Tree

Designer Christmas Tree vs. Sentimental Tree
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“I call the ice skates,” my youngest daughter said as she pulled out the old felt ice skate ornament that was mine when I was a little girl. Such a ratty old thing and yet so much joy in that one ornament for my little girl. This year I finally bought a nine foot fake Christmas tree that I love. I worried when that tree was up that I would be disappointed in the hodgepodge ornaments that decorate it. Would this be the year that I would decide I wanted everything to coordinate in a perfectly themed tree?

Turns out I didn’t. I have decorated a few designer style trees for Christmas Festivals. I love a themed tree. But what I discovered this year is that what I love even more is the pure delight my children get as they pull out each different ornament. It is like they are getting reacquainted with old friends. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. I love how they measure their growing hands against their old “hand” ornaments. There are some matching ornament sets and I love how they make sure each of them gets to put up at least one of the set.

Someday (when my basement is finished) I am going to have two trees. Then I will get a designer tree look. But I am guessing that watching my children decorate the “sentimental” hodge podge tree will still be one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I wouldn’t abandon that tree for anything. So how about you. Are you a themed Christmas tree lover or do you have a 100 different ornaments for your tree?